Who We Are

"More than a crochet circle"

We are a student-made group of amateurs and professionals who love to crochet. 

What can you make? 

Crocheting is a useful skill. You can make blankets, plushies, clothes, and much more! 

Take a look down below!

Bubba the Frog



Ducky the Bear

Pusheen the Cat-Inspired Plushie

Balloon Dog made completely of yarn

Get in Contact


Instagram: FSUCrochetSociety


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to crochet?


We love having members that do not have experience crocheting. Feel free to come to crochet circles to get advice and learn from our members and staff.

Do I have to come to every meeting?

Of course not, 

You can come for one, two, or however many club meetings and events you'd like!

Why should I join?

When are the Events?

If you check our "Events' Page, 

All details: Location, Time, and Activity should be stated 

What makes this crochet club any different?

We are the only recognized crochet club at FSU, 

Crochet Society offers a regular learning experience and can help give back to our local community through our Fundraisers